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A person can hold up for at least three weeks without food. But without water, an average person can only survive for up to three days although there had been instances where some people were able to survive for at least 8 to 10 days.  But these circumstances can be largely dependent to the physical and physiological health of a particular person.

In any case, water is such a precious resource and although the Earth is made up of three quarters of it, ensuring that we have a safe and potable water supply in our households is one way of conserving this resource.

Here are some key measures to prevent water damage in your own house or establishment.

  1. Watch out for molds.

Ah, molds. Where there’s moisture, surely there will be molds growing on that spot. And the presence of mold on your pipeline should already raise some concern, since the molds could have already contaminated your water supply. Also, focus on how rapidly the mold spreads. If the rate of the growth of the mold is quite fast, better call for professional help to get rid of the problem immediately and prevent further damage.

  1. Fix existing leaks.

Leaks can be the reason for number 1 in this list. Postponing leak repairs can result to mildew and molds, and even be the cause for grave structural damage that cannot be covered by your home insurance plan. The best action is to call your plumber and have the leaks fixed once you see it.

  1. Invest in water detection devices.

A water detector is a device that is acts as an alarm whenever its sensor detects moisture. This device is perfect in detecting tiny leaks that are usually not easily noticed. You may opt to have these devices installed near water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers and even toilets. Doing so will definitely help you monitor mold growth and avoid major damage.

  1. Groom plants surrounding your estate.

There’s a reason why there is a need to maintain plants and shrubs up to a certain height. And that’s not only to make it look pleasing to the eyes. Overgrown plants, trees or shrubbery, can damage water pipes especially when the roots start wrapping themselves to these pipes. If possible, removal of these plants should be done. If not, there is an option to just make sure that the landscaping of these plants are well-maintained and done on a regular basis.


Always ensure that your water supply is unharmed and safe for your family to use, because prevention is so much more important than the cost of repairs.

For all your plumbing needs, just call us over at the following numbers:

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Quick Tips on Buying a Toilet Bowl

The toilet is one of the more taken-for-granted piece of furniture in the common household. Nobody seems to bother to take a lot of their time just to buy a toilet. Nevertheless, the toilet is a very essential part of the home.  And choosing the right one that suits your lifestyle and personality can be very helpful in making it last quite a while.

Despite not wanting to pick a fancy toilet, here are some tips you might want to keep in mind when the need for a new toilet comes.

  1. Check flush ratings online.

The internet has definitely made our lives easier, and that includes researching on the different flush performance of toilets, varying in manufacturers and specific models.

  1. Consider water-saving options.

If you’re big on the water efficiency performance of toilets, you can choose a pressure-assist toilet model rather than the gravity toilets. Pressure-assist toilets have a separate tank that contains water under pressure. These toilets flush with great velocity so you can be assured that it will remove the waste thoroughly despite minimal water usage. One thing to remember though is that these kinds of toilets can be a bit costlier than gravity toilets and tend to be noisier when flushed.

  1. Take time to measure the rough-in.

Before anything else — the design, the water-efficiency capabilities and price — make sure that the toilet you are going to buy is going to fit into its designated spot in your bathroom and not going to cause you further trouble. Measuring the rough-in, or the distance between the wall to the middle of the bolts that hold the toilet down, is a must before you head on to the hardware as the rough-in can affect your toilet choices. The standard distance between the wall and the bolts is 12 inches, but other models such 10 inches and 14 inches are also available. Ensuring the rough-in is an integral part in buying and installing a new toilet.

  1. Conserve water with dual-flush toilet.

Dual-flush toilets use about 25% less water than the usual toilet and are available in both gravity and pressure-assist units, but can be pricier than other toilet types.


Deciding on what kind of toilet you need for your bathroom can be quite daunting or boring for some but hopefully the tips mentioned above can make the decision-making and the buying process a breeze for you.

Once you have bought your toilet, make sure that your plumbing is also secured. Call GSR Malabanan for all your plumbing and pipeline system needs. The maintenance of your septic system is what we do best, for a clean and waste-free environment.

6 Things That Clog Your Sink

Clogged sinks can be one of the most terrible things to happen in a household. Soap residue and yellow icky stains brought about by spilled sauces on your sink are just some of the stuff that can give you problem. Hence, if these things will not be rid of after such a long time, clogging can take place and be the source of hassle to your daily living.

To give you an idea on the things that may clog up your sink, keep this list handy. And as much as possible, try not to make these things pile up or gather on your bathroom or kitchen sink to prevent the worst case scenario.

  • Hair – Definitely one of the most common and stubborn material to clog up any drainage. Surely, you wouldn’t want to see a bunch of hair on your sink. So, if the hair situation has gotten really serious, be sure that you got GSR Malabanan Services’ hotline ready.
  • Coffee Grounds – Avoid spilling leftover coffee grounds on the drain of your sink because these will penetrate the pipes and may get cemented therein.
  • Paper – Toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, and feminine hygiene stuff can break down when wet and create clogging on your sink. Putting a proper trash bin near the kitchen sink and in your bathroom may help on avoiding such disaster.
  • Cotton – Although cotton is very much handy, you have to throw it into proper places and not in the sink. Why? Since it cannot be broken down by water, cotton will most likely get stuck in your sink.
  • Grease – Just like in plates, pans, and utensils, grease is really a stubborn stuff to get rid of, more specifically when it gets into your sink. Be careful on washing the dishes and as much as possible, clean the spilled greases immediately before it sticks on your sink… forever.
  • Food Scraps – Also one of the common stubborn stuff that can clog your sink, but, it is more manageable to prevent. How? Just avoid throwing your food scraps or vegetable peelings on the sink. Instead, throw it out directly on your trash bins and voila — clean and unclogged sink!

And if it’s too late for you and you already have a clogged sink, you don’t have to endure the hassle. Call GSR Malabanan Services at 512 8058 or 545 6413 now and let us do the work for you!


There are certain household problems that just can’t wait. Plumbing is one of the most essential household maintenance routine that should not be neglected. Hence, you will need an expert in order to solve this.

Leaky pipes, faulty drainage systems, and even broken bathroom or kitchen fixtures are just some of these household problems that are in need of a reliable plumbing services provider.

To help you out, here are some things that you should remember on choosing the right plumbing service provider for your house:

  • Take time to research. Search across the Yellow Pages or Google some relevant key terms in order to find a decent plumbing services provider. Referrals are also something that you should consider. Your friends or relatives might be able to recommend some plumbing professionals so it’s also ideal to ask them for suggestions.
  • Value reputation and work experience. One of the ideal characteristics of a reliable plumbing service provider is their incredible reputation. Testimonials and reviews from clients should be something you should look for. This can be helpful enough to assess if the said company is well-experienced in the services they offer. Plumbing companies who are already in the business for a long time suggest stability.
  • Always look for their license. You wouldn’t want to be dealing with someone who’s operating a business illegally. Be keen on identifying if the plumber’s license is not yet expired. This is also to make sure that the plumber is following all health and safety standards and building codes
  • Assess the staff and crew. Don’t let someone who is not a licensed plumber or a verified representative of the plumbing services company enter your house. Make sure that before they pass through your doorstep, you have seen their licenses – all of them, the master plumber and his staff – and they are wearing their proper attire.
  • Check the price and the things that come with it. A good service for a right price is more than worth it. However, you also have to be careful on picking up those plumbing companies who offer cheaper services (better take a look again at items number 1 to 4). To avoid such mishaps, it’s best to ask several potential providers about their prices, compare, and then select.

Don’t keep your plumbing needs waiting. Make sure that you’ve got the best and the most reliable solutions to your household problems. Turn to one of the best plumbing services provider in the country, GSR Malabanan.


For all your faulty plumbing concerns and septic cleaning needs, just call GSR Malabanan on our phone lines (512-8058 and 545-6413) and mobile phones (09072901443 and 09305373479) or email us


How Well Do You Really Know Your Toilet

According to a survey featured on Distractify a person spends a total of 92 days on the toilet and a year and a half going to the bathroom, with the average person going to the bathroom at least 6 times a day. If you think about it, that’s a lot of time and that’s quite an amount of time that you have no choice but to spend. You can’t put off using the bathroom for your physiological needs.

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