What Causes a Faucet to Leak?

Faucet leaks are common phenomena whether it be in the bathroom or in the kitchen. These plumbing leaks vary in form and size and faucet leaks are a part of those. More important than the leak itself, however, is the cause behind it. 

Knowing the causes of a common faucet leak is important in being able to stay on top of future occurrences and ensuring that they do not become bigger issues in the future. Here, we take a look at some of these common leak causes. 

High water pressure

If you notice that there is a pattern to your faucet leak such as it leaking only during certain times of the day, this could be an indication of high water pressure in your area. While these can start small such as in a faucet, these can progress to something worse such as pinhole leaks in the piping itself. 

Damaged parts 

If your faucet is exhibiting a steady drip even when shut, then this could mean that it is a matter of having parts that need replacement. In the case of the faucet, this means that the washer is faulty and needs to be replaced. For those with compression faucets, it would be the seals that are more susceptible to damage due to the high water pressure when closed shut. 

Plumbing issues 

Faucet leaks can also be caused due to issues with the plumbing pipes such as it being loose or having cracks. These leaks manifest where the damage is in the pipes as well as the faucet nearest the damaged pipe. If your faucet has a slow but steady leak, you should inspect the pipes under the sink and see if there is any visible issue with the piping. 

Why preventing and fixing faucet leaks are important

A leaky faucet means that water is not being conserved properly. It may be a small thing but when it adds up, you might notice a significant rise in your water bill. This is water wasted that otherwise could be used for more productive means. 

When left to progress on their own, faucet leaks are just the start of what looks to be many complications. Letting leaks progress can be much more costly for your household in the long run such as leaving permanent stains in your structure, unwanted water buildup, and irreparable damage that warrants a sink replacement. 

When it comes to faulty pipes or faucet leaks, it is best to leave these matters to the professionals so that they can take immediate action. GSR Malabanan is a company you can trust for your plumbing and septic tank siphoning needs. With branches available in Quezon City and around Metro Manila, Philippines you are ensured that someone is ready to fix your plumbing needs. 

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