All About the Kitchen Plumbing System

One of the two minor plumbing systems that are in your home is the Kitchen Plumbing System. In our previous blog, we have discussed the Drain-Waste-Vent Plumbing System which is also connected to the plumbing system that we are going to tackle in this article.

A kitchen’s plumbing system is usually composed of water supply lines, and in many cases, a gas supply pipe. This plumbing system is normally connected as well to the water supply plumbing system for it needs water to operate and be functional. Then, the drain-waste-vent is responsible for seeping out the waste water for disposal.

This just means that the kitchen plumbing system needs the two major plumbing systems in order to perform its function – water supply plumbing system for input and the DWV system for the output.

According to Home, the visible part of the sink’s plumbing is nearly always located directly below the sink, inside the sink’s base cabinet. Generally, a flexible gas connector, controlled by a gas valve located at the wall or floor beneath a gas range, serves that appliance.

Underneath the sink are two small valves – one for the hot water supply and one for the cold ones. However, in the Philippine setting, not all houses have these.

Meanwhile, on the side where the faucet is located, you can find some water connections and a saddle valve, sometimes. This is where the connections made with flexible copper or plastic tubing are made to supply the water-treatment device and other kitchen appliances that need water to function.

Some flexible supply tubes connect the valves to the threaded tailpieces of the faucet. Those faucets with a separate or integral sprayer have a hose that connect it to other tailpieces at the center of the faucet body. Lastly, the gas supply in the kitchen’s plumbing system for the gas range is normally controlled by a shut-off valve underneath the range while a small and flexible supply line or pipe delivers the gas to the appliance.

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