Why Plumbing Vents are Important

Have you tried putting a straw in a drinking bottle and capped it with your finger then pulled the straw back out? Have you noticed that the liquid stays in the straw? The reason for this phenomenon has something to do about physics.

But, in layman’s terms it’s simply because of you blocking the air flow so the liquid stays in the straw. Because of this, the air is being prevented from pushing the liquid back out. Sounds confusing? Well, this is one of the simplest way of explaining the importance of plumbing vents in a plumbing system.

Air is essential to the plumbing system. By means of having ample access to the outside air, the sewer gases can escape and the air can enter the pipes when someone flushes or uses the drain. Thus, the vent is important as an air passage.

If your plumbing system has no vent, these problems may occur:

  • The fixture will not drain slowly.
  • The drain will make disturbing gurgling noises.
  • The water in the S-trap could siphon out, which will result in sewer smell.
  • The smell emitted from an unsealed trap called methane gas can put your health on danger.

For a clearer example, let us go through the actual process happening on toilets. The U-pipe located right below or behind the porcelain throne seals the access to the sewer with fresh water from the tank. The next fixture on it is called the S-trap which acts as the plumbing vent. When someone uses the toilet and flushes, the air rushes from the vent to maintain the neutral pressure in the pipes while gravity does the rest.

The fresh water that is plugged at the u-pipe blocks sewer gases and lets them harmlessly leak out the plumbing vents. Be it a bath tub, toilet, washing machine, or kitchen sinks, there will always be a need for vents and, it has to be working properly.

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