Tips on Picking a Faucet

It has always been the hard task of every homeowner to deal with faucets. The decision has always been between something stylish or something practical. If you’re one of those homeowners dealing with this tough choice, then read up on some tips on picking a faucet for your home.

  1. Don’t base it on looks and style alone.

So there’s point number 1. You shouldn’t choose a faucet just because it looks fancy and stylish. It should also be convenient and usable in the long run. There will always be an available option that can provide you with the style that you like and the practicality. You just have to visit a lot of stores and look.

  1. Allot just enough budget.

A pricey faucet doesn’t always mean you get a better quality, in the same way that there’s a reason why a cheaper faucet is cheap. Ask around. Look into several stores and compare prices of faucets from different brands. From the information you gathered, you can set the price of how much your faucet should cost and how much you’re willing to spend more as a margin.

  1. Consider the spout height and reach.

Aside from the cost and the design of the faucet, you should also be able to look into several other factors that may affect the type of faucet you’ll buy and that includes the elements surrounding your sink. If you have a shelf above the sink, a faucet with a tall spout is out of the question.

  1. Opt for ceramic valves.

If you’re worried about faucet drips, go for ceramic valves. These cost just as much as other faucets, so you don’t have to worry about paying more.

  1. Choose a single handle.

Going for a single-handle faucet may sacrifice the stylish aspect one may have been looking for but it definitely fits the bill when it comes to practicality. This type of faucet is more convenient and easier to clean, plus adjustment of water temperature is way easier.

Keep those tips in hand for the next time you may need to buy a new faucet for your kitchen or bathroom. But before you do that, make sure your plumbing and piping system is in good condition. For plumbing concerns, just call GSR Malabanan and we’ll do the best we can to help you.

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