Quick Tips on Buying a Toilet Bowl

The toilet is one of the more taken-for-granted piece of furniture in the common household. Nobody seems to bother to take a lot of their time just to buy a toilet. Nevertheless, the toilet is a very essential part of the home.  And choosing the right one that suits your lifestyle and personality can be very helpful in making it last quite a while.

Despite not wanting to pick a fancy toilet, here are some tips you might want to keep in mind when the need for a new toilet comes.

  1. Check flush ratings online.

The internet has definitely made our lives easier, and that includes researching on the different flush performance of toilets, varying in manufacturers and specific models.

  1. Consider water-saving options.

If you’re big on the water efficiency performance of toilets, you can choose a pressure-assist toilet model rather than the gravity toilets. Pressure-assist toilets have a separate tank that contains water under pressure. These toilets flush with great velocity so you can be assured that it will remove the waste thoroughly despite minimal water usage. One thing to remember though is that these kinds of toilets can be a bit costlier than gravity toilets and tend to be noisier when flushed.

  1. Take time to measure the rough-in.

Before anything else — the design, the water-efficiency capabilities and price — make sure that the toilet you are going to buy is going to fit into its designated spot in your bathroom and not going to cause you further trouble. Measuring the rough-in, or the distance between the wall to the middle of the bolts that hold the toilet down, is a must before you head on to the hardware as the rough-in can affect your toilet choices. The standard distance between the wall and the bolts is 12 inches, but other models such 10 inches and 14 inches are also available. Ensuring the rough-in is an integral part in buying and installing a new toilet.

  1. Conserve water with dual-flush toilet.

Dual-flush toilets use about 25% less water than the usual toilet and are available in both gravity and pressure-assist units, but can be pricier than other toilet types.


Deciding on what kind of toilet you need for your bathroom can be quite daunting or boring for some but hopefully the tips mentioned above can make the decision-making and the buying process a breeze for you.

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