How to Keep Your Toilet Clean

Maintaining a clean and dry toilet is kind of a tricky thing because of the weather we have here in our country. It becomes moist and it produces dirt almost every second. And we all know that maintenance is the key to have the desired cleanliness for our toilets. So, for those who are having difficulties on how to keep their toilets clean, here are some of the simple ways to help you out.

  • Keep the toilet handle dirt-free.

Toilet handle is one of the most used and also one of the most ignored parts in our toilets in terms of sanitation. But, we have to keep in mind that cleaning is very important because this is where germs frequently take place. So, to keep the dirt away from your toilet handle you may spray disinfectant to it and wipe it thoroughly using a clean cloth. In this way, you can lessen the possibility of germs spreading out.

  • Consider trying vinegar.

In case your conventional bathroom or toilet cleaning products are not enough to do the work, you may try going traditional by using vinegar as a substitute. Just simply pour an ample amount of vinegar into your toilet bowl and let it sit. After a few hours, you may scrub your bowl then rinse it with clean water.

  • Refrain from using carpets.

Carpets are being used as wraparound for toilets these days. Although fancy-looking, these carpets can harbor germs that can spread all around your bathroom in a matter of time. Aside from this, carpets smell whenever it gets misty. To prevent this from happening, you may use a plastic bathmat instead. Plastic bathmats are washable and can be cleaned easily compared to carpets.

  • Regularly clean your toilet.

The best way to keep your toilet clean is of course by cleaning it on a regular basis. Regular cleaning means once or twice a week. You don’t have to make it an extensive one, just a quick brushing and scrubbing will do. Remember, our toilets are loaded with various types of germs so we better prevent these microorganisms from propagating.

It is given that toilet cleaning is not much of a well-loved household chore, but since we want to have a comfortable bathroom, we must first make sure that our toilets are properly sanitized and are germ-free. You just have to practice doing these tips above to achieve the cleanliness you want for your toilet.


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