How Well Do You Really Know Your Toilet

According to a survey featured on Distractify a person spends a total of 92 days on the toilet and a year and a half going to the bathroom, with the average person going to the bathroom at least 6 times a day. If you think about it, that’s a lot of time and that’s quite an amount of time that you have no choice but to spend. You can’t put off using the bathroom for your physiological needs.

With these statistics, it’s time to ask yourself: How well do you really know your toilet?

Can you tell when something’s wrong with your toilet’s plumbing? Do you know when it’s time to have your annual septic cleaning? Do you have any idea what you should be looking for in a toilet when time comes and it needs replacing?

How about you take the quiz and find out?

Click this link for the toilet quiz: Toilet Quiz

In this quiz, you will find out the frequently asked curious questions about the throne we have all come to know. Questions from how does the flush work to how does the bowl maintain the same amount of water in it will be featured in this fun informational quiz about our very own toilet.

If you were able to get 15 out of 20 questions right, then congratulations! You are a very responsible homeowner for knowing the ins and outs of your toilet. If you got anything below 11, then don’t worry. Nothing is too late and hope is just around the corner. Time to call in the professionals. And we just happened to be one. For all your faulty plumbing concerns and septic cleaning needs, just call GSR Malabanan on our phone lines (512-8058 and 545-6413) and mobile phones (09072901443 and 09305373479) or email us

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